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Thursday, March 4

8:30am HST

9:00am HST

10:00am HST

11:45am HST

12:30pm HST

6:00pm HST

An Ethnic Community Local Organisation with Multifaceted Networks to Help Save an Endangered Language in North-West of China Discord Room E Collaborative Transcription in Australian Aboriginal Communities Discord Room B Effects of Gender on Language Revitalisation & Documentation in the Ryukyus Discord Room B Enriching ethnographic metadata with the help of native speakers Discord Room C Exploring the effectiveness of language programs on language vitality in Indigenous Australian language communities Discord Room E Kala Dictionary Making with the WOLF lexicography software: A Collaborative Effort Discord Room B Kin Haal'á Álchíní: Navajo Immersion Camp for Urban Indians Discord Room A Language Revitalization through Place-based Indigenous STEAM Education on River Ecology and Mythology and its effects on Indigenous Students’ Cultural Identity Discord Room D Languages of covid-19 prevention, identity, and solidarity in Paiwan and Rukai Communities Discord Room A Lessons in successful social media language conservation from Roviana and other indigenous language communities of Western Province Solomon Islands Discord Room A pglex: A 'pretty good' lexical service Discord Room E Situated Learning of Indigenous Language and Development of Sense of Place through Place-based Outdoor Education Discord Room D Strengthening partnerships: the role of indigenous tourism in language documentation Discord Room A The Ktunaxa Interactive Language Adventure: Interactive fiction and story-based games for community language engagement Discord Room C ‘Design Non-Proposals’ for Relationship Building in a Tangible Technology Design Project for Language Revitalisation Discord Room C

7:15pm HST

9:00pm HST

9:45pm HST

10:30pm HST

Friday, March 5

9:00am HST

10:00am HST

7:00pm HST

8:45pm HST

Saturday, March 6

9:00am HST

9:45am HST

11:30am HST

12:30pm HST

4:30pm HST

Sunday, March 7

9:00am HST

10:45am HST

A Digital Corpus of St. Lawrence Island Yupik for the Yupik Community Discord Room D Aikanã phonology, orthography and lexicography reform Discord Room A Archiving Tundra Nenets materials: towards designing a balanced Tundra Nenets corpus Discord Room C Building networks of language digital activists for peer learning and knowledge exchange Discord Room B Combining description and documentation: a digital Boasian trilogy Discord Room B Curation as a distinct academic activity – a perspective from working with legacy materials Discord Room C How inclusive are NLP technologies for African minority langages ? A case study of Ewondo-French pair development in Apertium Discord Room B Interlinearization in ELAN Discord Room D Models of language revitalization: processes and outcomes Discord Room A New AILLA Collections from Two Multilingual Regions of South America Discord Room C New Techniques in Storyboard Elicitation Discord Room E Phonetic description of stop laryngeal contrasts of endangered Dawoodi (Indo-Aryan) Discord Room D Spatializing endangered intangible knowledge: towards systematic integration of "where" in a legacy documentation collection of Southeast Asia Discord Room E Teaching Grammar Through Language In Our Comprehensible Input-Based Hawaiian Class Discord Room A The Language Archive: Latest Developments Discord Room C Towards an Assessment of Kapampangan Language Vitality Discord Room E Utilizing Hawaiian Language Newspapers for Place- and Culture-based Geoscience Education Discord Room A virALLanguages bridging new and traditional media in Cameroon for the fight against Covid-19 Discord Room B

12:00pm HST

1:45pm HST

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